We are GASP: Global Adventurers Saving the Planet

We believe great ideas can change the world and people make the difference.

Our safe learning community drives aspiration to create global, sustainable change.
Through online and offline programmes GASP delivers education programmes in primary schools that help children meet the Global Goals.
We bring together the key stakeholders in a child’s educational journey, ensuring they have the skills to succeed and the habits to drive change.

We bring children and communities together to learn

We engage young children to understand their role in the world and drive aspiration by creating sustainable behaviours in collaborative communities.
We motivate children to GASP;

Grow • Aspire • Share • & Play

because these are the things that help develop lifelong skills and habits to create brilliant futures and of course save the planet.
We give children a safe space to speak and be heard through moderated online communities. Because what they think and what they do matters for all our futures.


Safeguarding online activity and promoting children’s resilience underpins and enhances everything we do. Our rigorous processes mean all our users can be confident are learning in a harmonius, connected environment.

We meet all legal requirements including Keeping Children Safe in Education, and UKCCIS.

Our processes ensure all interactions are checked before publication. Our moderators are DBS checked and safeguard trained. Every single activity is checked before it is published, implying safety is paramount for all agencies.

This empowers learners to safely aspire and converse in an engaging way using a platform that is moderated, which reassures everyone.

We are proud to have worked with West Midlands Academic and Science Health Network . We are featured on their online healthcare innovation exchange Meridian because of the way our safeguarding process supports childrens’ health and resilience.

Partner with us

Our revolutionary learning community allows our partners to collaborate safely with learners and schools. Our flexible delivery packages offer you a variety of ways that you can work with us, fitting your skills gap and social impact and environmental agendas effortlessly.

A permanent place in the classroom

Measured activity and impact data

Opportunities to inspire children

New ways to drive children's aspirations

Meet GASP Ambassador Edward Hoare.

When Edward was a young boy he was inspired by nature and wanted to understand it more.
Today Edward is a philanthropist, environmentalist and 3D mind-mapping pioneer. He is motivated by being able to help others to do things that really matter to protect the world.
He is also vice-president of Fauna and Flora International and a Sustainable Development Goal Hero.