Environmental & Sustainability Policy


Bloxwich Community Partnership acknowledges the connection between the climate and other environmental crises and the threat of current and future homelessness, disease, food and water shortages and poverty for millions of people around the world, as well as the major damage being caused to our natural eco-systems.  It therefore recognises its responsibility to reduce its carbon and environmental footprints and formally commits itself to being an environmentally responsible charity.

The Charity will strive to continually improve its environmental performance by:

  1. Meeting all relevant current and foreseen statutory regulations and official codes of practice.
  2. Conserving energy, water, paper and other resources – particularly those which are scarce or non renewable.
  3. Reducing waste through re-use and recycling.
  4. Recycled products into the local community through our charity shops.
  5. Encouraging the community to recycle through our charity shops.
  6. Encouraging staff, through education and training, to work in and environmentally responsible manner and to play a full part in developing new ideas and initiatives.
  7. Encouraging users to take responsible action in terms of environmentally sustainable best practice.
  8. Operating in a responsible and co-operative manner with our local communities.

This statement will be reviewed annually and revised as necessary.